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On Race Day Remember...

To pick up your race number from Registration. Please bring your own safety pins x 4, but we'll have spares if you forget. You must wear your number on the front and do not fold, cut or alter the number in any way.

To bring a complete change of warm clothing (and we do mean complete), you will get muddy and wet. Think warm, not stylish; the fashion police will not be in attendance.

To bring a bin liner to put your race outfit in afterwards.

To bring some cash for some lovely food before and afterwards.

To avoid pre race cheeky beers, including the night before.

To eat some breakfast on Race Day, visit The Wolf Hut for a fabulous bagel...

To bring gloves, you'll be 'hands on' with some of the obstacles.

It's okay if you forget your sense of humour 'cos the Race Director and all the lovely Marshals will have plenty!

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