Terms and Conditions

1. Competitors must read all of the information provided on The Beast website and act accordingly.
2. Competitors should not take part in the event if they are knowingly under prepared, have a medical illness or any other condition which may compromise their own safety and the safety of the support services.

3. All details provided by competitors must be accurate at time of entering. Any changes to personal or medical details must be corrected by logging into their personal account, or contacting the organising team.

4. If competitors withdraw prior to the event, the following costs are incurred:
More than 2 months prior to event, 50% entry fee will be refunded or transfer to another event. After this time we regret that we will not be able to provide any refund, transfer or credit either in part or in full, whatever the circumstances of the entrants' non-attendance.

5. Competitors must follow the rules and regulations of the event as outlined by the organising team.

6. The organisers reserve the right to cancel an entry or prevent entry if required to protect the 'good will' of the event.

7. If the organisers are forced to cancel the event for any reason, a new date will be established and all entries will be carried forwards. If no alternative date is available, a credit will be granted to an another event.

8. If the organisers are forced to cancel the event for any reason, no refunds will be given.

9. Competitors should always act in a manner which ensures minimal impact upon the event route and the surrounding residents.

10. Any competitor not acting in this manner (point 9), during, before or after the event, will be disqualified and their entry fee will not be refunded.


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Real racers’ views on The Beast

34, 49:04 AND
33, 49:10, WAKEFIELD

“We came down from Yorkshire for this. We’d never done anything like it before but we really enjoyed it. The water wasn’t so bad, but we had a job getting out of it.”

The Beast RacersDAN WAPLINGTON, 37, NOTTINGHAM, 57:59,

“It was quite an experience trying to make your way up and down those slippery hills.

And it’s pretty entertaining watching other people fall over while you’re running! I’d do it again.”

The Beast RacersANNIE DUQUEMIN, 53, SOUTHWELL, NOTTS, 56:35,

“Bloody hard!I spectated last year and thought it didn’t look too bad - but it really is! I didn’t find the jumps or the water that hard, but the hills really got to your legs.”

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